Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Jul 20 | Terry Fellner | Teaching Effective Academic Presentation Skills to Low-level English Speakers

Terry Fellner presents on
teaching academic presentation
skills to low-level L2 learners.
Teaching Effective Academic Presentation Skills to Low-Level English Speakers.

Terry Fellner, Saga University

In the second part of our JALT meeting in July, Terry discussed the very successful program he has been teaching for a few years at his university. The theme of the course is "Effective Academic Presentation Skills" and the target is for low-level English speakers.

2013 Jul 20 | Terry Fellner | Language Learning Motivation

Terry Fellner of Saga University
Our July meeting in Nagasaki brought Terry Fellner from Saga University to deliver two very interesting and insightful presentations. The first presentation focused on Language Learning Motivation in Japan and highlighted a new research publication (titled the same) co-authored by Mr. Fellner and Dexter Da Silva from Keisen University.

In his presentation, Terry gave us a broad stroke overview of some of the more interesting points in his research on L2 learner motivation which is one of the most recent publications in the motivational research field from Japan. According to Terry, much of the learner motivational studies with respect to language acquisition are coming out of Japan in recent times.

The following post has some of the notes I took during his lecture.