For Presenters

If you are interested in presenting at Nankyu Nagasaki JALT please read the information below.

1. Presentation Proposal Form

Download and fill out a presentation proposal form. Email the completed form to Once we have received your completed proposal form, it will be passed to the Nankyu Nagasaki JALT Executive for approval.

2. Choose a date

Nankyu Nagasaki JALT usually hosts a few meetings annually. We are fairly flexible on our meeting dates but usually meet on either Saturday or Sunday from 2:00-4:00. We ask presenters to pick a few days that work for them and then we pass those dates around to ensure we can get the best turn-out possible before finalizing the date.

3. Synopsis and photo

We will ask for a short synopsis (if different than your proposal) and a photograph that we can use to advertise the event. It would be helpful if we can get both English and Japanese versions but if that is not possible, we ask that at least the tittle is bilingual.

4. Remuneration

We will discuss remuneration with presenters on individual basis.

5. Facility and Equipment

Nankyu Nagasaki JALT usually holds meeting in Nagasaki City but do sometimes host meetings in Sasebo. Please indicate to us any city, facility or equipment needs you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Presentation Proposal Form - Download