Friday, September 29, 2017

2017 October 22 | John Wiltshier | Good Education Versus Gamification, Who wins?

John Wiltshier
Why do our students, spend so much time gaming, tweeting, clicking, liking, uploading texting? As teachers we can critically observe students’ online activities to determine what — if anything — can be utilized for good education.
In this presentation, I will present 6 principles that make online games, apps and internet-use so compelling – even addictive – and invite you to draw parallels to what you do in your classes. What this reveals may well surprise you!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 February 25 | Eric Hagley | Bringing the World to your English Classroom via Online Exchange.

Nankyu Nagasaki welcomes Professor Eric Hagley of Muroran Institute of Technology on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at Nagasaki International University from 10am to 12pm. After, Eric will travel to Fukuoka for an encore presentation.

Virtual Exchange (VE) has many benefits for foreign language teachers and their students but it is still not easily accessible to the mainstream. Students in English as a foreign language classrooms often have few opportunities to physically interact with other users of English. VE gives them virtualmobility, enabling them to participate in a global community. In this presentation the author introduces a large scale VE which includes over 1500 students from 5 countries in a VE via a Moodle platform. Students interact online in English as a lingua franca. Exchanges are carried out over 8 week periods. Outcomes from the project, sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, will be outlined using data gained from questionnaires, text analysis and student feedback. Details of how this method of VE could bring it into mainstream, ensuring VE can become a part of any English communication class throughout the world, if the teacher so wishes, will be outlined in addition to an outline of problems that can eventuate and ideas for incorporating the VE into classroom practice. Those attending will also be able to participate in a quick workshop so that if they want to join the exchange from April 2017, they will be able to.